Like the rings of Saturn, potential customers will orbit your business until they need your product or services.

The objective of the Perpetuator is to keep in regular contact with your prospective customers until they become ready to buy.  Here’s how it works.

Your business advertises a prize of interest to the potential consumers of your products or services. 

The Perpetuator collects contestant contact information, including email address, via an online ballot. 

After the draw, the Perpetuator advises all your contestants of the winner by email.  This email contains a convenient link allowing the user to re-enter for a subsequent draw.  This "contact opportunity" will become a regular occurrence for you to communicate with your potential customers.  On each contact opportunity:

- the contestant may elect to be contacted by you
- you can promote products or services to the contestant
- you can prompt for additional information and build a personal profile of  each contestant

Returning contestants are joined by new contestants each month, growing your list of potential leads.

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