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We Protect Your Privacy

Each contestant must acknowledge web page(s) or email message(s) outlining the contest rules, and giving consent to maintain personal contact information.  Contestants will be told the purpose is to contact the contestant by email to announce the winner(s).  The phone number will be used only if the winner cannot be contacted by email.  At each communication with a contestant, the contestant can also indicate if they wish to be contacted by an advertiser.  

In Canada, as of 1 January 2004, commercial businesses may only use personal information for the purpose for which it was collected.  Individual consent ensures we are compliant with the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act.  

The personal contact information for each contestant is maintained and protected by EIS.  Advertisers do not have access to this information until a contestant requests contact from the advertiser. 

Contestants are given this information as described below.

Personal Contact Information Page
The contestant inputs personal contact information using a page similar to the following:

EIS Personal Contact Information Policy 
On the same page, the user is given the message below:


First Name

Last Name

Home Phone

Work Phone


Use of your personal contact information is protected by the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act of Canada. [Advertiser Name] advises you that the purpose of collecting this information is to contact you in the event you are a winner, and to advise you of the name of the selected winner.  Click here to see who gets this information.

On click, the user is presented the following information:

Who Gets your Personal Contact Information.
Your personal contact information will be held by Enterprise Information Systems, Inc. , (EIS) a database software company operating in Ottawa, Canada since 1991.  See for full contact information. 

The only “Catch”
By offering a prize draw, EIS provides advertisers with a system by which they can advertise, with your consent, their products or services.  They can advertise only when you are contacted to announce the winner.

Protecting you from unwanted advertising
Advertisers do not have access to the personal contact information of prize draw contestants.  This information is held only by EIS.

Our Promises to You
You are the owner of your personal contact information.  EIS will not use it for any purpose without your direct consent.

EIS will maintain your personal contact information in a secure database that can be accessed only by selected EIS staff members authorized by the President of EIS, Jim Miles.

When you wish to be contacted by an advertiser, EIS will send your personal contact information only when and to whom you wish it to be sent.

EIS will immediately remove your personal contact information at any time you request.

EIS requires our advertisers to honor these same promises.

When a contestant wishes to be contacted by an advertiser, consent is obtained before the advertiser is given the personal contact information as follows:

Personal Contact Information Consent Page
The contestant may restrict the information provided, other than full name.

Consent Procedure Description
The contestant sees the following instruction on the consent page:

[Contestant Full Name]


Work Phone

Home Phone

You are requesting contact from [Advertiser Name].  They will receive your full name plus the information item beside each check mark.  You may click to uncheck or check each item.  Then click OK to have EIS send your selected personal contact information items to [Advertiser Name].

The Perpetuator will automatically purge names of persons who no longer wish to participate in the contest.  This measure ensures we are compliant with the provisions of the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act.