per·pet·u·ate [ per péchoo àyt ] perpetuation, n. ; perpetuator, n.
      1. make something last: to make something continue, usually for a very long time  
make something be remembered: to make something or somebody be remembered

Reduce long-term advertising costs
After your repeating-contestant count reaches a significant percentage of your market base, new advertising will bring in fewer new leads than the Perpetuator.  See a sample projection here.  You can then either reduce your advertising frequency or spend those dollars advertising in additional markets.

Build long-term familiarity with your business 
Perpetuator contestants interact with you monthly.  They will come to feel they know you through repeated contact.

Identify the source of each lead so you can measure advertising campaign effectiveness
Each new Perpetuator contestant is attracted by various means:  print ad, radio ad, instant-win prize coupon, or word-of-mouth.  Many businesses do not know the most effective source of their leads.  The Perpetuator identifies the source of each new contestant either directly (each instant-win coupon has an embedded identifier), or by confirming the source with the contestant at time of entry.

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