Some of Our Graduates on Their Course Experiences

Petia Anguelov, OCP, Ottawa
I worked as a lawyer for 7 years before I came to EIS. The idea of combining my legal knowledge with Oracle development skills was so successful that within a month after I graduated as an Oracle Certified Professional, I received two attractive job offers. I am currently employed as an Oracle consultant with a local company and I still receive calls from companies in Canada and USA".  


 Heidi Lynch, OCP, Ottawa 
"Knowing that it would be difficult to find work after being out of the work force on maternity leave for three years, I was very cautious to choose a program that would suit my needs and give me an edge over others in the IT field. Here, at EIS not only am I learning the latest versions of software that are currently used by companies but I am graduating as an Oracle Certified Professional. I feel confident that I have made the right choice and am looking forward to a bright future as an Oracle Developer."


Jeffrey Drummond, OCP, Tampa Florida
"The Information Systems Developer program at EIS is by far the most comprehensive and well thought out that I found. Upon my return to Florida, I was inundated with contacts. Eventually, I accepted an excellent position with an internet software firm. I will be using daily the training I received on Oracle Designer and Oracle Developer. Participating in the EIS program was one of the wisest decisions I've made."


Dragomir Anguelov, OCP, Portland, Oregon
"Since Oracle developers are in very high demand in Seattle, I decided to look for a school that prepares this kind of specialist. EIS was the Only one offering a complete Oracle program including certification. I am now confident that I made the right choice."


Christine Brunke, OCP, Ottawa
"I was an X-Ray technologist for many years before enrolling in the ISD Program at Enterprise Information Systems. EIS has the most thorough and intensive Oracle Application Development course that I know of. The success rate of its graduates is truly amazing. Within 8 months we were able to successfully pass the Oracle Certification Professional exams which are recognized worldwide. Shortly after graduating, I joined the staff at EIS as an Instructor/Developer, where I will assuredly continue to gain valuable work experience."

Innocent Watat, OCP, Toronto
"I found this course through the Internet while in England. I was quiet impressed by the duration and emphasis on ORACLE. I find that being instructed by developers is an unusual advantage. I am now living in Orleans while I take the ISD course. The training is very intense and all my expectations are met. The pressure and the workload is awful to live with, but the instructors' professionalism is our shepherd. We are a great family and the atmosphere is wonderful."

Raffaele G.A. Cocucci, OCP, Ottawa
"Upon graduating university, I found it difficult to find a job because the majority of positions required specific experience in certain fields such as Oracle. The Information Systems Developer program at EIS was the perfect choice for me because it dealt specifically with using Oracle to produce applications for businesses and the Internet. Once I had graduated, I went to work for EIS as an Oracle Application Developer, where I continue to gain invaluable experience in web application development. I highly recommend the ISD program."


Poe Lau, OCP
"The explosive growth and opportunity on the IT Industry has seen the number of individuals seeking a career change skyrocket. The EIS ISD program can be the delivery vehicle to launch a new career and propel it to stratospheric heights. EIS enjoys a distinct advantage over other venues as it is both an IT developer and a teaching institution. This innovative approach creates a unique synergy that allows for dynamic instruction and learning that is enhanced through real world experience. I would urge prospective IT students to consider the EIS ISD program and attend an information session."


Joy Yu Zhao OCP
“My experience with the ISD Program at Enterprise Information Systems was very positive.  I felt that I was very well prepared to face the job market.  Upon graduating I accepted a position as a Developer at EIS, where I have been able to accumulate a wide variety if work experience.”



Ray DeBruyn, OCP
“After working in and managing restaurants for the last 22 years, I decided it was time for a change. I was always interested in computers and a friend had just finished a course in Oracle development. I led a three month long search for the best school to invest in for my future career and came up with Enterprise Information Systems. It far exceeds the others as far as in depth coverage, well trained staff and it’s total immersion into Oracle. I have two months to go ‘til graduation and I don’t see how I could have made a better choice!”

Louis Desmarais, OCP, Ottawa
“ I came to E.I.S. to acquire the skills and knowledge required for a career change to the information technology. Having spent the last 29 years as a manager and supervisor of heavy vehicle maintenance, this was a major change in direction, which I both desired yet feared. I learn the most from instructor-led classes when I have the opportunity to assimilate this knowledge through practice as I go along. This is precisely what E.I.S. provides, a unique training environment with unlimited access to the labs where students can freely experiment with different techniques of development in a combination of case studies and real life development projects. Surrounded by instructors and guided by experienced developers, the learning environment is similar to an apprenticeship program and was conducive to my completion of the Oracle Certification (OCP) before the end of the 45 weeks. If I were to do it all over, I would definitely choose E.I.S. again, a truly remarkable training and learning environment.”


Eric Rouillard, OCP, Quebec
“I am from Quebec City area and what brought me to EIS was the solid reputation of the instructors of being very good teachers as well as developers.  They will teach you how to make things work.  Hey, even Oracle hires them to teach advanced material about Oracle technologies.  You live through the full life cycle of real projects, from client interview, to proposal writing, to finished product.  After 6 months, I have found that at EIS you are much more than a student learning a pile of facts,  you are an apprentice learning form the masters.”

Ann Faurbo,  B.A., OCP

“As I started the program my two biggest fears were: 1) Would I enjoy doing database development? and 2) would I be able to actually learn how?  Shortly into the program those two fears subsided.  I enjoyed the work and was actually learning the new languages and material.  But as the weeks progressed, new fears arose "How will I remember the vast amount of information being taught to us?" "How will I ever pass the OCP exams?"

The most profound experience that helped put those two fears to rest was being able to work the 13 week co-op following the core weeks of instruction.  Working every day using the tools we were taught helped the information learnt become skills mastered. Taking the exams was easier because I could visualize the screens and knew exactly how to accomplish the task in question.

EIS has provided me with new skills and confidence as I approach my future as a certified Oracle Developer.”  

 Ed Meunier, Graduate
 “I worked as a construction project engineer for 15 years before I decided to attend EIS.  I wanted to combine my engineering background with a specialization in the IT field.  EIS offered that kind of specialization with the Oracle Information Systems Developer Program.  The program totally immerses you into Oracle database development and also teaches you how to produce business and web applications.  I am looking forward to an interesting and challenging career in the Oracle e-business world.”

Jennifer Player, Project Manager, MIS, I&C Systems
 “In the last 2 rounds of hiring in our organization, the Oracle Information Systems Developer Graduates from EIS have rated much higher than the rest of the candidates I was so impressed that I decided to take my own training with EIS!”  


Steve Hamel , OCP
I have always wanted to work in the computer industry, and after researching different fields and schools I decided on the EIS Oracle Developer program because of the reputation of the school and its teachers/developers. I do not regret choosing the EIS apprenticeship program. It was a great learning experience.


Jonathan Patel OCP Ottawa
After becoming another layoff statistic in the National Capital High Tech sector in 2001 I quickly found that my skills acquired in University (Computer Science) were pretty generic. After gaining my Oracle Applications Developer certification my job market competition had significantly decreased and new possibilities were now available. Enterprise Information Systems made this all possible; they prepared me for the Certification Exams; and provided a hands-on real world Database Development experience (from planning to completion). I'm happy to report I am no longer a statistic.