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EIS and Nova Networks Deploy Oracle 9i Real Application Cluster on Sun, Linux

Demonstration at Ottawa Oracle User Group Booth Relies Heavily on EIS DBA Students

Ottawa (October 3, 2003) An operating Oracle 9i Real Application Cluster (RAC) is rare in  Ottawa.  There are only a couple of them known to be in operation in this town.  EIS has teamed with Nova Networks to demonstrate not just one, but two additional RAC's to the Oracle Ottawa User Group at their Developer/DBA Day October 3, 2003 at the Ottawa Congress Centre.  One will be deployed on a pair of powerful Sun Solaris servers, and the second will be shoe-horned onto three small clone PC's running SuSE Linux.

Working up to the last minute - 11:30pm the night before the demonstration day - EIS Senior DBA Karun Dutt and his team still had numerous obstacles to overcome before the demonstration could "go live."  The team had completed the Linux RAC but the demonstration application had yet to be fully tested.  The Sun RAC had finally reached the stage where Oracle itself could be installed.  Karun Dutt and student DBA Sudha Nagrath had spend over 10 full days wrestling to install the Sun cluster.  Numerous seemingly incompatible software components and versions had to be configured.  

Preparing for a complex demonstration gives the student team members a taste of real pressure to perform.  "It's part of the training," says Jim Miles, EIS President.  "We want our graduates to perform well in the real DBA world.  When a database goes down, it usually causes major panic.  An experienced DBA will act calm and focus on the technical aspects of the problem.  Time is always of the essence.  Giving our students and staff a deadline such as a trade show is an excellent way of preparing them for these challenges."

On show day, the Linux RAC was completed and the Sun RAC was at Oracle install stage.  The Linux RAC performed exceptionally well, demonstrating a live transaction surviving fail-over between two parallel instances.  The Sun equipment drew a steady stream of senior Oracle DBAs curious to investigate how they could configure their own Sun hardware to match the EIS/Nova configuration.

Work on the Sun Solaris configuration.  Left to right: Trevor Crljenko (DBA), Karun Dutt (Instructor), Sudha Nagrath and Emilija Knezevic.

Left to right: Developers Alan DeKoven , Angela Hawe and Emil Habib.

Working on the Linux RAC.  From left to right: Trevor Crljenko (DBA), Karun Dutt (Instructor),  Emilija Knezevic (DBA) and Sudha Nagrath (DBA) .

Left to right: DBA students. Trevor Crljenko and Emilija Knezevic.

dxzzBack to front: Suhda Nagrath (DBA) and Karun Dutt (Instructor)

Bob Connely (Sun Microsystems) and Chummy Perera (NOVA Networks)

The Booth in action at the Ottawa Congress Centre

The EIS "white-shirts" work the crowd - Karun Dutt (left) and Ken Ash (right)