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To reach voicemail after business hours, you can dial the EIS main number: 613 837 9821.  Dial extension 7006 to reach the voicemail menu.  Press 2 to retrieve voicemail.  You then dial your four-digit extension to reach your voicemail box.

Otherwise, if you call your own number and hear your own greeting, press * to interrupt the greeting and login to your voicemail.

Voicemail Instructions:

To log in, you must enter your voicemail code.  To prevent unauthorized use of your voicemail account to place chargeable long distance calls, ensure you change it from the initial setting when you set up your mailbox.

Use the following commands to manage your messages.

0 Help
1 Listen to new messages
2 Save message
3 Delete message
4 Return Call
5 Forward message (if itís not marked private)
6 Hear date and time of message
7 Go BACK in message (REW)
8 Pause
9 Go FORWARD in message (FFWD)
* Previous menu

Here are two useful guides for the Mitel VoIP phones: